Summer School

The Digital Arts and Humanities Summer School will take place from 26th-29th June, at the University of Nottingham. You will be expected to arrive PM on Monday 25th June.

There are a total of forty places available, split equally between the Midlands3Cities and South, West and Wales DTPs. Over the course of the week, you will be introduced to six digital technologies, selected by DTP students, and to Digital Leadership skills. Please see here for more details about our courses – note that all of them are compulsory.

This is a residential course – free accommodation on University Park campus and all catering for the week will be provided.

As our number of places is limited, we have a competitive application process – see here for details. If you attend the Summer School, you will also be expected to attend the Unconference. If your application to the Summer School is unsuccessful, however, you may still be offered one of the additional fifty Unconference places.